Pinelake offers a church planting residency program for training church planters in the knowledge and skills for planting reproducing, life-giving churches. The 11-month program is a full-time paid residency designed to coach a church planter through pre-launch phases of vision refinement, leadership competencies, core group development, funding strategies, and systems creation. Each resident participates in a network of church planters utilizing the SEND Network Training as well as a learning community to build a stronger knowledge base of theology, ecclesiology, and missiology.


  • Learning in a high-capacity leadership environment.
  • Participating in church planting-specific training.
  • Inclusion in a national and local network of church planters.
  • Customized learning environments for coaching in personal skill development.
  • Working at a healthy, sustainable pace as you prepare for the launch of the new church.


  • Live in humble submission to Christ, learning from the Word and from others.
  • Develop a working understanding of ecclesiology, missiology, and theology in regards to the church plant.
  • Development of a prayer support ministry for the new church plant.
  • Research, define, and develop a comprehensive launch plan for the new church plant.


  • A life that gives evidence of Christ.
  • A clear call to plant reproducing churches.
  • Willingness to relocate to Brandon, MS and then relocate again to the church planting site after the residency.
  • Actively recruit, enlist, and equip core launch team.
  • Develop and execute a strategy for donor support.
  • Visit other church plants in order to assess, learn, and strengthen personal leadership.
  • Involvement in selected activities with the Pinelake Missions Team.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.